M: Tidbits

Because I can’t come up with anything worthy of more than a line or two.

Today I went to the eye doctor. Downtown. Downtown means parking meters. Parking meters mean quarters. Yet somehow my brain didn’t make this connection until I’d already parked at a meter, and realized that I had no quarters. Damn.

Also, I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person. I go to college and my GPA is respectable. But I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME ever remember whether surprise has two “r”s or one. Two. For the record, it has TWO.


2 responses to “M: Tidbits

  1. Sometimes I pronounce letters in words to remind myself they’re there. “Sur-prize!” “Off-ten.” “Feb-ru-ary.”

  2. I will never forget that february is spelled and (correctly) pronounced february. For the same reason I will never use the phrase “as well” for fear of using it incorrectly…

    My dad has a lot of grammar and spelling pet peeves.

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