Q: Reasons this blog could conceivably succeed

1. It’s called Qu(alin and the M)ack. Clearly, we are insufferably clever and everyone on the internet wants to hear everything we have to say.

2. We could be, like, one of those blogs that posts cool links to other things. My semi-closet nerd really likes webcomics and reading about random things like cryptozoology. I will connect you to the weirdest articles ever if you let me, watch out.

3. It’s been a while since we have spent a lot of time together snowboarding, eating dinner, and getting drunk. I suggest we supplement these days (and the blog entries who love them) with adventures.
Things Adventures Should Include (sublist!)
a. giant cardboard animals that slide
b. fire
c. defying the authorities
d. large bodies of water
e. all of the above (be creative for extra points– lighting the cardboard on fire and sending out to sea is too obvious.)

4. Actually, probably read the two preceding posts. I think they are more accurate.


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