Q: Reasons this blog will indubitably fail

Or, a random list of things (about me).

1. I eat tomatoes raw like apples.

2. I have a questionable obsession with Twinings Earl Grey tea (with milk and sugar), and as a consequent, the smell of bergamot.

3. I get really into things and then completely lose interest, or else overwhelm myself and give up. Case in point: last night, I was up until four improving my movie recommendations on Netflix, browsing my recommendations for foreign films, and then placing them on hold at the library. I got to forty before I decided to just upgrade my damn Netflix account and get the movies I want to see one at a time instead of in clusterfucks of twenty.

4. I’ve had the same library card my whole life (complete with adorable child signature on the back) and memorized my card number sometime in middle school when I first became obsessed with placing hundreds of holds at once.

In sum, I could probably spend the rest of my life eating tomatoes raw straight from my garden, drinking Earl Grey, and riding a stationary bike in front of the constant stream of films sent to me by Netflix. Am I really the type of person to keep up an interesting blog?


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