M: Dog vocabulary

I adopted Pal a year and half ago. Since then my vocabulary has expanded to include a plethora of new terms. Some are real, some are only real in a world that revolves around a big goofy dog named Pal .

“Pallicade” – A barrier used to keep Pal out, or occasionally in. This includes (but is not limited to): stools blocking the doorway to the kitchen (anytime there is food on the counters), chairs blocking the spaces between the couches so he can not knock over anything fragile (see TOD, below)

“TOD” -Abbreviation of “Tail of Doom” or “Tail of Death”. Refers to the dangerous weapon that is a large excited golden retriever’s tail. Famous for knocking over wine glasses, beers, hookahs, and sweeping papers and plates off the coffee table.

“Itchy” – You know what I never knew until I adopted a golden retriever? They are incredibly prone to skin problems and allergies. Yeah, now I know.

“Pally-poodle” – Pal’s most popular nickname after he had to have the lower half of his tail shaved due to…yes, allergies.

I’m sure there are more that don’t immediately come to mind.

He also has nicknames. Pal, Palerina, Palestrina, Doodle, Dooge, Worg, Fang, Puppy, Big Dog, Dog, Paladin, Palamino, Nepal, Pow, Powell.



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