M: good/bad

Things that are bad:

  • As predicted, we haven’t posted in this blog forever and it is sad and neglected.  But I knew that would happen. It’s hard to find the time and dedication to write in here, especially when I know no one is reading except for my blog-partner, and we talk basically every day so it doesn’t particularly matter.
  • We both do not have a place to live this winter. This is actually not that big of a deal.
  • I’m addicted to tetris.
  • I’m incredibly busy.
  • I am also broke.
  • I missed The Office last week (this is certainly the most tragic thing on this list).
  • I am too lazy to make myself any dinner.

Things that are good:

  • I am doing incredibly well in school and I have not missed a single day of any of my classes yet, which is about as normal for me as, I don’t know… flying?
  • The quarter is halfway over already (at least when I’m busy, time moves quickly)
  • I am getting really, incredibly good at tetris.
  • I can watch the office online
  • It is almost winter.
  • We are having a huge halloween party on Saturday night, and I will be dressing Pal as a Lion. Or maybe a viking. Or maybe both.
  • I am stressed out as hell, but at least I am not bored…

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