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M: good/bad

Things that are bad:

  • As predicted, we haven’t posted in this blog forever and it is sad and neglected.  But I knew that would happen. It’s hard to find the time and dedication to write in here, especially when I know no one is reading except for my blog-partner, and we talk basically every day so it doesn’t particularly matter.
  • We both do not have a place to live this winter. This is actually not that big of a deal.
  • I’m addicted to tetris.
  • I’m incredibly busy.
  • I am also broke.
  • I missed The Office last week (this is certainly the most tragic thing on this list).
  • I am too lazy to make myself any dinner.

Things that are good:

  • I am doing incredibly well in school and I have not missed a single day of any of my classes yet, which is about as normal for me as, I don’t know… flying?
  • The quarter is halfway over already (at least when I’m busy, time moves quickly)
  • I am getting really, incredibly good at tetris.
  • I can watch the office online
  • It is almost winter.
  • We are having a huge halloween party on Saturday night, and I will be dressing Pal as a Lion. Or maybe a viking. Or maybe both.
  • I am stressed out as hell, but at least I am not bored…

M: Dog vocabulary

I adopted Pal a year and half ago. Since then my vocabulary has expanded to include a plethora of new terms. Some are real, some are only real in a world that revolves around a big goofy dog named Pal .

“Pallicade” – A barrier used to keep Pal out, or occasionally in. This includes (but is not limited to): stools blocking the doorway to the kitchen (anytime there is food on the counters), chairs blocking the spaces between the couches so he can not knock over anything fragile (see TOD, below)

“TOD” -Abbreviation of “Tail of Doom” or “Tail of Death”. Refers to the dangerous weapon that is a large excited golden retriever’s tail. Famous for knocking over wine glasses, beers, hookahs, and sweeping papers and plates off the coffee table.

“Itchy” – You know what I never knew until I adopted a golden retriever? They are incredibly prone to skin problems and allergies. Yeah, now I know.

“Pally-poodle” – Pal’s most popular nickname after he had to have the lower half of his tail shaved due to…yes, allergies.

I’m sure there are more that don’t immediately come to mind.

He also has nicknames. Pal, Palerina, Palestrina, Doodle, Dooge, Worg, Fang, Puppy, Big Dog, Dog, Paladin, Palamino, Nepal, Pow, Powell.


M: fall means freshmen and…

Classes starting in a few days means:

  • I wish I had had infinitely more adventures this summer (but I guess I always feel this way no matter what I do).
  • Outrage at the price of textbooks.
  • I am about to become painfully busy.
  • I am trying to do nothing to take advantage of the last few days of that being a possibility.
  • Campus is swarmed with freshmen and their parents, grandparents, siblings, and shopping bags
  • Winter is soon.

M: Tidbits

Because I can’t come up with anything worthy of more than a line or two.

Today I went to the eye doctor. Downtown. Downtown means parking meters. Parking meters mean quarters. Yet somehow my brain didn’t make this connection until I’d already parked at a meter, and realized that I had no quarters. Damn.

Also, I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person. I go to college and my GPA is respectable. But I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME ever remember whether surprise has two “r”s or one. Two. For the record, it has TWO.

M: Reasons this blog will undoubtedly fail

I thought since I have a minute I’d go ahead and type up a list of reasons why this blog will most likely fail and die out and never have a reader who I haven’t bribed to come here. This way there will be fewer surprises when it actually happens and I will have some premade excuses on the off-chance that anyone actually cares.

  1. Sara and I have had a lot of really genius ideas during our 8 years of friendship. Most of them have never gotten past “yeah, we really really should do that.” Some have gone a bit farther. Some I’m sure we would have gone all the way through with had we not been sabotaged (how about the time we were going to drive up to the top of Snoqualmie pass in the middle of the night but then one of the tunnels on the highway was mysteriously closed with no warning or emergency vehicles of any kind and I had to drive in reverse on the highway to the last exit so we could get off). But yeah, not so good on the follow through.
  2. I am addicted to the internet only in phases. For example, right now I have no classes and no job. In one week that will all change…
  3. There are only so many times you can write “today I snowboarded, and now I am exhausted and going to eat dinner and probably get drunk” or ” today I snowboarded and now I am asleep”.
  4. … Sara, your turn to add some.

M: this dog is bananas…


M: beginning, something.

I really thought that starting a blog would be a good idea until I actually did it and now I have no idea what to say. I have dragged Sara along as usual and as she is much more talented with words than I am I will be relying heavily on her to provide some sort of interesting content.

I hate it when my laptop battery starts to die. At around 12%, everything becomes this crazy race against the clock… as if I am not just too lazy to get up and plug the thing in.

Let’s have that end the worst blog post of all time.