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Q: Curfew

One of my earliest memories is of jumping on my parents’ bed to the song “Particle Man” (which I knew, for years, as “Triangle Man”). The record it’s on came out in 1990, so I guess I must have been four or five. Tonight, I got to see They Might Be Giants live for the first time. It was surreal to see an actual person playing an actual instrument sing the songs I’ve been listening to my whole life, and I had a stupid involuntary smile on my face all night. All I can really say about the show is, if you ever get the chance, go see They Might Be Giants. They’re smart and funny and rock the fuck out straight through. Bonus: surprise Harvey Danger opener, and the two of them seemed as excited that they were playing with They Might Be Giants as we were. Incidentally, the Moore Theatre has an eleven o’clock curfew so the people at the Moore Hotel can get to sleep. I would think that people staying there would realize they were living in close proximity to loudness on a regular basis and accept it as a fact of location…

I also had the pleasure of a free ticket to the Arcade Fire with LCD Soundsystem and the Gossip on Monday night, but didn’t pick up the ticket and get to the Hec Ed until after the Gossip, halfway through LCD Soundsystem. I didn’t realize there were ten fucking people in Arcade Fire and they were so postmodern it hurt a couple of times, but it was a pretty rocking show for an arena deal. They are one of those bands that’s better live than on record, and I bet they would be even better in a small venue.

Live music makes me ridiculously happy. Lucky for me, there is a ton of it in Seattle all the time, and an extra ton of it this fall, and my approaching twenty-first will give me access to all of those venues I’ve been cursing since I was fourteen. Hurrah! I think I am going to start a comprehensive concert calendar for Seattle. Each venue has their own calendar posted, and the Stranger is good for the upcoming week, but there are no extended, all-inclusive concert calendars to be found on the internet. What gives?